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Walk Kangaroo Island comes to you courtesy of our passionate crew at Exceptional Kangaroo Island.

Since 1986 we have made it our mission to seek out and celebrate the best Kangaroo Island offers – the landscape, wildlife, food and wine, rich history, lifestyle and some quiet places only a local can show you.

Our guides, experience planners and foodies offer small group and private catered excursions in comfortable four-wheel-drive vehicles. We leverage our relationships with artists, farmers, wildlife researchers and winemakers to share behind-the-scenes insight into Kangaroo Island and our community lucky enough to call it home.

I love sharing stories about the land, the wildlife encountered along the way, travelling at nature's pace and enjoying the paradox of sharing my solitude. This is not a linear trail but a curated collection of walks, hikes, tramps and rambles through the best parts of our backyard.

The Walk Kangaroo Island concept is exciting for me as it provides the perfect platform to showcase the Island. Drive with our guides to daily start points, walk quietly through the landscape, and enjoy good conversation along the way. Our signature hospitality is integral to the experience - with wholesome, locally-sourced food and wine enjoyed in spectacular outdoor settings. Come and join us soon!

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